Adding New Publishers/Affiliates

For signing up affiliates, you have two main options:

  1. You can manually create the affiliate accounts for them

  2. You can link potential affiliates to your affiliate signup form

a. Manual Affiliate Setups: Affiliates > Add

Add Affiliates/Publishers

Administrator:Affiliate Manager

Three Optional

1、Automatic Block Server Traffic,When selecte this Affiliate will automatic block server traffic.

2、Disable Check Platform,When check this will be ignore platform targeting for this affiliate tracking url.

3、Disable Check Country,When check this will be ignore country targeting for this affiliate tracking url.

Aff Labels:A label is a tag that you can add to any affiliate/publisher/partner, offer, and/or advertiser. This is meant to be a completely customizable system of tagging that is searchable.

Mail List:Set up a email other than the registered one, such as the financial officer who receives the bill.

Complete all of their information and set the right postback final.

Affiliate postback

b. Affiliate Sign Up Page

Send the registered address to the affiliate. You can find it on the Hugoffers registration email.Then approve it on the affiliate page.

Affiliate registration page

Operate Affiliates/Publishers

The Operate on the right is the action taken by the affiliate.

Details:Affiliate Detail

Modify:Change the Affiliate information.

Offers:Offers can see all the orders under this affiliate.

Report:Report for this affiliate.

Account Block:Click on Account Block to stop this account can't log in.

Offers Block:Block to turn off all offers for this affiliate.

Reset Password&Email: Reset Password&Email for this affiliate.