Offer Setup Guide

This guide will walk you through the process for setting up your first Offers in the Hugoffers platform.

What is an offer?

An Offer is a product, product line, or app from which you would like to track performance and Partner earnings.

Step 1

Please note that your Customer Success Manager will walk you through the creation of your first Offer during your onboarding stage. To create a new Offer, we recommend that you start by duplicating an existing successful Offer.

To duplicate an Offer, go to Offers - Offer list > Find an existing Offer - Scroll to right and click on the three vertical dots Create Similar.

Create Similar Offer

Step 2

When you duplicate an offer,You will start edit offer details

Edit offer details

If you prefer to create an Offer from scratch instead of duplicating an existing Offer, click Offers > Create Offer.

Step 3

Complete each of the following steps to properly configure your Offer:

Create Offer step by step

APP ID:Package Name for Android &App ID for iOS

The App details will be automatically generated after click App Promotion > Go!

Adv Offer ID:The same advertiser offer id cannot be the same


Targeting is where you set requirements for which User’s Clicks should be accepted for the Offer. Clicks that don’t match with the traffic settings will show up as Invalid Clicks, and will be sent to Fail Traffic (if enabled), or to an empty page (if Fail Traffic is disabled). The Targeting rules are based on the user's Device and location, while Language is detected from the user's browser. In the TARGETING tab, you can define targeting rules, including Device Characteristics (Platform, Device Type, Browser, OS Version, Language) and Geolocation (Country, Region, City, Carrier).


Set Name, Revenue Type, Amount, Payout Type, Amount, Fire Affiliate Postback, and any Events.For more details

Caps:Sets limits on traffic volume according to your budgets or other necessary considerations. Any attempted traffic delivered after a cap has been reached, will become an Invalid Click and be sent to Fail Traffic (if enabled).

Payin:Define your revenue and payout associated with both the base Conversion event (product purchase, App install, lead signup, etc.) and any associated Event's Conversion (Up-sell purchase, In-App Purchase, deposit, etc.)

Payout:What will be paid to the Partner (Accounts Payable)

Tracking Url:This is a link generated inside your offers that when clicked/tapped by a user, will start tracking them for a period of time. When that user completes the Conversion action, the advertisers system will detect that a conversion has happened, and then send that Conversion information to your Everflow reporting. The preferred setup for sending the successful conversion to your reporting is through a Postback, but desktop channels often still use cookie tracking. Recent changes by Apple, and other companies, have made cookie tracking much more difficult, which is why we always recommend postback setups when possible.

Traffic Requirement

Traffic Requirement provides advanced filtering by allowing you to set up rules for allowing or denying access to an Offer based on multiple received variables

Network:Including 2G 3G 4G 5G Wifi

Incent:For Incent, the user is receiving a reward in exchange for taking an action, such as downloading an app, or completing an Event conversion. Typically Incent traffic delivers much lower user quality than standard promotion methods.

Traffic Type:Once an active channel is associated with an Offer, it will be visible in the Partner portal in the general details of an offer and as a filter. Examples of Partner Channels could be Email, Social, Banner, Pop-up, Incent, Adult, to name a few.

Creatives:Upload creative files for send to your Partners for their promotions This option allows you to upload: Archive (Zip file with multiple creatives), images, videos, and emails. Max individual file size is 20 MB.


Access Status:Types of visibility

Need Approval - Means you have been previously approved by the network to run that specific offer.

Public - Means the network has made this offer public for all partners/affiliates to see.

Private-Means will only show to affiliate you've selected for the offer.

Test Mode:For conversion test with advertiser,you need to change it to Yes.

Or Quickly Create Offer

Quickly Create Offer