Billing Settings

Default billing settings can now be configured for Advertisers and Affiliates/Publishers.

You can also update the billing settings per Advertiser and Affiliates/Publishers.

Advertiser Billing History

Auto Create Advertiser's Billing

Min Amount:Less than this bill amount will not be created.

Auto Create Status:Auto Create billing or not.

Auto Create Date:Date of auto create billing.

Advertiser Billing History

Modify Billing:Save billing

Add Billing Row:Add another offer billing row

Validate All:Validate all numbers

Delete Billing:Delete billing

Total Revernue:Total Revenue for offers

Reduce:Reduce for offers

Pending:Pending numbers for offers

Adjustment:Difference numbers for offers

Validate Status:offer numbers confirm status

Remark:Reason for reduce

Operate:Operate for offers

If you reduce a offer on advertiser's billing,then the affiliates/publishers billing will automatically generate the reduce amount.Reduce number will be show on affiliates billing-reduce.

Auto create affiliates billing

When you validate all numbers for affiliates,the status will be change to waitting_send,when you send it to affiliates,it will be change to waitting_confirm,when affiliates confirm their billing on affiliates system it will be change to waitting pay then paid.

Billing Status