Starting an Affiliate Program — Step-by-Step Guide

Who is this Guide for:

New Brands or Agencies building out their first affiliate program on Hugoffers. This guide will give you a rough guide on how to use Hugoffers.

1、When you register your system, you will receive an email from hugoffers and then receive your 30-days free trial.The details are

Login Panel:

Username: [email protected]

Password: Your registered password

Your Publishers/Affiliates' Login Panel:

Advertiser Conversion Postback Prefix:{adv_id}/?click_id={advertiser click id}

Advertiser Event Postback Prefix:{adv_id}/?click_id={advertiser click id}&event=event_name

Tracking Format(Affiliate):[offer_id]&aff_id=[aff_id]&aff_sub={affiliate click_id}&aff_pub={affiliate pub id}&advertising_id={advertising_id}&idfa={idfa}

Impression Format(Affiliate):[offer_id]&aff_id=[aff_id]&aff_sub={affiliate click_id}&aff_pub={affiliate pub id}&advertising_id={advertising_id}&idfa={idfa}

API Offer Feed URL:{token}

2、Here is how it will look when you log into Hugoffers for the first time:

Hugoffers Dashbord Page

3、To add access to other team members for setup: Go to Home>Ad Managers>Ad Managers List>Add Account

Add User Account

4、You will need to set up your brand as an Advertiser: Home>Advertiser > Add

Add Advertiser

The most important step in this step is to set up Advertiser Tracking Format and Postback.

Advertiser Tracking Format

If you set it like this, then this advertiser will have this format after all the offer (API&Manual) tracking.For example, if the tracking you created manually is,When you created it, it will automatically become{click_id}&pubid={aff_pub}&idfa={idfa}&gaid={advertising_id}.

Advertiser tracking format


Postback Will be automatically generated when you finish tracking format setting.And you can give it to Advertiser,It will be like{adv_id}/?click_id={advertiser click id}


5、 Set up your first offer: Offers>Create Offer

Create offer

Some things to note:

App ID:package name for Android or App id for iOS

Adv Offer ID:The offer id for Advertiser,The same advertiser cannot have the same id

Advertiser:Advertiser for this offer

Incent Type:Traffic type

Preview Url:The store URL, so the affiliate can quickly see which page the tracking link will be sending traffic towards

Tracking Url:This is a link generated inside your offers that when clicked/tapped by a user, will start tracking them for a period of time. When that user completes the Conversion action, the advertisers system will detect that a conversion has happened, and then send that Conversion information to your Everflow reporting. The preferred setup for sending the successful conversion to your reporting is through a Postback


Caps:Caps are set inside of Offers, and are the maximum allowed actions per period of time. This is most commonly used to manage your advertiser budgets by doing the following setup: Setting Daily Conversion Cap to 100/Day. As soon as Hugoffers records the 100 conversions set by the cap, the link will deactivate (going to your Fail Traffic offers if you've set them up, or a blank page). This is an essential feature for keeping your budgets in line with your advertisers expectations. Please note: If you're working with strict budgets, make sure to be extra conservative in your Cap setup. When a cap is hit, the clicks stop reaching your offer, but the prior clicks delivered before hitting cap can still become conversions. Hitting caps stops future clicks from reaching the advertiser, but doesn't block the conversions themselves.

Payin:What the advertiser is paying you for a successful conversion.

Default Payout:What you're paying your Publishers for a successful conversion.

Country Groups:You will put any requirements around what user traffic should be accepted to reach your website. If the user traffic doesn’t meet these requirements, it will either send that user to a dead page, or to your Fail Traffic setup (explained below)

For example you only ship to US & UK, so you will set those targeting requirements to prevent any potential order fraud from other countries.

Restrictions:You can put the KPI of this offer, KPIs are Key Performance Indicators based on Events and associated values.

Access:Public will mean any of your affiliates can see the offer and sending traffic,private will only show to affiliate you’ve selected for the offer,Need Approval mean can see the offer by application passed.

Generate Tracking URL:Generate affiliate tracking url or testing tracking url for advertiser.

6、API IN Integration

API IN Integration is Hugoffers's proprietary self-serve API integration solution. API IN Integration allows you full control over adding and customizing your integrations with demand partners.There are now more than 300 API Templates on hugoffers and if you want to docking others just share their documents and its Free.

API IN Integration Setting
API IN Integration Setting
API IN Integration Setting

API Name:The API Templates name on Hugoffers

Advertiser:The advertiser for this API

API Status:The status for this API

Default Payout:All offers default payout for this advertisers

Default Daily Cap:All offers daily cap for this advertisers

Global Name:All offers conversion flow for this advertisers

Event Name:Event name for this advertiser

Insert Limit:All Offers Insert limit for this advertiser

Excute Interval:API Update interval

Excute Tracking Test:Testing offers tracking jumps

Url Template:API Url templates

Result:Final API url result

Parameters:API Url Parameters,If the number of advertiser single pages is limited and there is no page = in the Url Template, you can add & page = {page [1-10]} after one of the parameters. If there is a page parameter, fill the page parameter with {page [1 -10]} pulls advertisers 1 to 10 pages offer. After filling in, put the result link into the browser to see if there is any offer information (if {page [1-10]} is filled in, the browser cannot parse but the Hugoffers system will pull it), and the system will pull the offer after 15 minutes Into the offer list.

Permission:Approve the whole advertiser's offer for affilitests/publishers

Filter:Filter offers by conditions

7、Setting up your Affiliates/Publisher

For signing up affiliates, you have two main options:

  1. You can manually create the affiliate accounts for them

  2. You can link potential affiliates to your affiliate signup form

a. Manual Affiliate Setups: Affiliates > Add

Complete all of their information and set the right postback.

Affiliate postback

b. Affiliate Sign Up Page

Send the registered address to the affiliate. You can find it on the Hugoffers registration email.Then approve it on the affiliate page.

Affiliate registration page

8、Generate Affiliate API Feed url&Tracking Links Setting

Generate Affiliate API Feed url

Now that you have affiliates in your system they will need tracking links. They can either login to their affiliate dashboard to get the tracking links for the offers, or you can generate the API Url links for them. To generate their link: Integration > API-Out Integration > Select Affiliate > Edit > Generate Token > Click the Copy button > Submit:

Affiliate API Feed Url

Tracking Links Setting

Tracking Format can set all offer tracking formats for your individual Affiliate.

Set tracking format for your affiliate

9、Conversion Testing for Advertiser and Affiliate

Advertiser&Affiliate Conversion testing needs to be done after Postback is set correctly! ! !

Advertiser Conversion Test

In the Home-Offers-Offer List, find an advertiser's offer and click Offer to change the Test mode to Yes in the lower left corner. Then click Generate Tracking URL - Test Link give it to the advertiser. Then check if you receive an advertiser's return at the Home-Reports-Conversion Report.

Change Test Mode To Yes
Generate Test Link

Affiliate Conversion Test

Authorize the Offer to the affiliate and enter the Offer ID and the test link the affiliate give in the Home-Tools-Tests-Conversion Test. Then click send postback button and confirm with the affiliate whether to receive the conversion.

Send test conversion