Add New Advertiser

This tutorial will teach you how to add a new Advertiser.

First add an advertiser by clicking Add Advertiser in Home > Advertiser > Addt to complete the information.

Advertiser Account Details

Account Details:

The first part is the basic information of the advertiser. The Email Address here is the login system account of the advertiser platform that we developed later. The password is the password of the advertiser to log in to the advertiser platform. The saved information can be modified at any time.

The Administrator here refers to who is the administrator who manages this advertiser (optional Ad Manager)

Advertiser Account Manager

Mail List:You can fill in multiple mailboxes for each option, separated by commas, you can send a mail list when mail settings.

Adv Labels:Set a label for the advertiser, which can be used in Rules-Group Permission.

Adv Labels and Mail List

Tracking Format:If you set it like this, then this advertiser will have this format after all the offer (API&Manual) tracking.For example, if the tracking you created manually is,When you created it, it will automatically become{click_id}&pubid={aff_pub}&idfa={idfa}&gaid={advertising_id}.

Advertiser tracking format

Postback:Will be automatically generated when you finish tracking format setting.And you can give it to Advertiser,It will be like{adv_id}/?click_id={advertiser click id}

Advertiser Postback


The Operate on the right is the action taken by the advertiser.

Click Report to see the report of this advertiser.

The advertiser can change the advertiser information.

Offers can see all the orders under this advertiser.

Click on Account Block to stop this account so advertisers can't log in.

Click on Offer Block to turn off all offers for this advertiser.

Click Reset Password to reset his password.


Note: If you click “Account Block” on the Advertiser interface, the HugOffers system will automatically set the corresponding API status to Inactive.