Smart Links provides a powerful tool to ensure that you’re sending your traffic to the best matching Offers. For your Offer’s Fail Traffic destination, Smart Links are the most effective setup. With Smart Links, you’re creating a bundled group of Offers that are reached through a single tracking link. Each User’s Click will be matched up with an Offer either through a downward list (Priority) or in a random rotation (Weight). Smart Links confirms that the Offer criteria would accept the User before delivering the Click, and if not it will deliver the User’s Click with a different matching bundled Offer.

Create Smartlink

Smart link Name:Name of smartlink

Status:Status of smartlink

Protocol:Protocol of smartlink

Administrator:Administrator of smartlink

Test Mode:Test mode option of smartlink

Advertiser:Advertiser of smartlink

Access Status:Offer access status

Affiliate:Affiliates for smartlink

Weight: Define a percentage of traffic to be sent to each Offer.

Add offers to smartlink
Traffic weight for smartlink offers