Understanding Reporting
Once you’re set up with affiliates and running your offers successfully, you’ll want to utilize the reporting to keep track of performance. The report you’ll use the most is Reports> Overview. From here we will be using demo data.
Overview Reporting
Offer To ID:The offer ID of clicks reaching
Offer:Offer Name
Status:Offer status,Active、Block、Pause
System:Offer platform
GEO:Offer Country Targeting
Payin:Define your revenue
Remaining Cpas:Remaining caps of offer
Total Clicks:Amount of user reaching the offer
Total Conversions:Conversion on your offer
CR:Conversion Rate, this is good for seeing abnormal affiliate delivery. An extremely high CVR might suggestion they are using incentives.
Total EPC :Revenue per Click. Usually not relevant for your affiliate partners, but useful if you’re also tracking your own marketing channels.
Total Profit:Total Revenue - Total Costs
2、Conversion report
If you need your data around conversions, that data is easiest to access and download under Reporting > Conversion Report.
Filters allow you to break down this data by offer, affiliate, or any other key metric.When status are pending means don't send that postback we received to affiliates cause of some reason.
Conversion Report
Status:Status of postback result,Approved or Pending
Remark:Reason of Pending Postback
Postback Result:Message of affiliates postback,Success or ERROR
3、Event report
Event Report
An event postback is used if the advertiser would like to pass more data back to your Hugoffers account after the initial conversion. This data could be anything such as registration, sale, retention, in-app purchase...etc.
Event:Event name of offers
4、Quality Report
Statistical events and resulting revenue generation ROI analysis
Quality Report
5、Daily Report
The following tutorial will outline the steps in creating a dimensional report.
To get to the page to create an advertiser report, simply go to Reporting, then Every Day. and also you can select send this report to advertiser&affiliate every day after set email setting.
Create Advertiser Daily Report
Usually the reports will have data for that day shows important metrics such as clicks, total conversions, conversion rate, as well as payout/revenue metrics.
The next feature worth mentioning is Filters. Filters allows you to narrow the data in the table by selecting certain metrics to be included in the report.
Advertiser Daily Report
6、Optimization Report
You can search some operations of offers,such as let some affiliates pub to push more or blacklist them.
Operation Report
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