Approving Offers for Publishers/Affiliates

There are three ways to approving offers for Publishers/Affiliates.

1、API IN Integration

This configuration is only for the API Offer. Select the corresponding API advertiser in the Integration API-IN Integration and add the corresponding Publishers/Affiliates in the Edit - Permission. This type of operation will automatically pull all the offer auto-configuration Publishers/Affiliates.

Volume authorization offers on API IN Integration

2、Single Offer Approving Publishers/Affiliates.

After the API pulls the offer into offer lists or manually creates the offer, click on the offer details to configure Publishers/Affiliates in the offer. The Access Status defaults to Inherit, which inherits the Publishers/Affiliates in the Integration API-IN Integration-Permission, and changes it to Private or Need Approval to add Publishers/Affiliates.

Approving single offer for publishers/affiliates

3、Approving Publishers/Affiliates By Group Permission

Group Permission is very powerful, Here just show you how to Approving Publishers/Affiliates by using Group Permission. Home-Rules-Group Permission-Add

Approving Publishers/Affiliates By Group Permission

You can also filter or select some Offer in the Offer list to Approving Publishers/Affiliates. To do this, double-click on Offer at Home-Offers-Offer List to select some Offers or filter some offers then Operate.

Group Permission Operate On Offer List

Allowed Or Forbidden Affiliates By Control Type